Price PDR is an owner operated, mobile, paintless dent removal business, servicing retail customers, car dealers, and body repair shops.

As a fully trained and experienced PDR technician, who has been in the motor trade for over 20 years, Price PDR will be more than happy to take a look at that dent or ding on your car.

You will not only be impressed by what we do, but also by how little it costs compared to more traditional car damage repair methods.

PricePDR van and PDR technician



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Got hit by a stray golf ball while going past my local golf club, the result was a 25mm dent in my passenger side door. Thought it was going to cost me a packet in the body shop again but stumbled across Bryn's website when searching for a solution. I got an almost immediate response to my email, sent off a picture of the dent and received a phone call with an estimate. Bryn has done the job with amazing results, would recommend to anyone”.

Price PDR is a mobile dent removal service